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Urdupoint.in is the first of its kind in India. This is the first time in the history of this nation that such a large-scale project of this nature has evolved from an extraordinary revolutionary concept to a practical one.


In this modern age, the English language has the status of "Lingua Franca" (globally accepted, widely used language) resulting in about 92% of websites operating entirely in English. On the other hand, considering our native Indian’s, many people can neither read nor understand English.


In view of this fact, Urdupoint. in emerged as a ray of hope, a breath of fresh air, breaking the barrier for 90% of the population and present itself in India, now identifying itself with everything offered by this website. Are capable of.


They can have the pleasure of reading, understanding, and enlightening themselves with the wide variety of knowledge and entertainment section offered by Urdupoint.in, which is based entirely on their own language, Urdu. Indians are now able to taste the true essence of their identity and authenticity.


Urdupoint.in is the only Urdu website that has made a significant contribution to the promotion of the Urdu language in India and Pakistan.


The time has come for Indians to engage in unnecessarily limited activities such as chatting on the internet and researching photos. Urdupoint.in 's efforts have paid off, and the Urdupoint.in. the team has succeeded in making the Internet a more meaningful and constructive resource for the average Indian Internet user. Urdupoint.in strives to create an influential and dominant presence online, which will make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the citizens of Indian and all those who go through the experience of visiting the website.


Urdupoint.in is a vision presented by a group of young professionals. An exclusively personal and self-fulfilling prophecy, Urdupoint.in is a perfect example of the talent, innovation, passion, and skill that the country's youth have. In this case, all these qualities together serve a national goal. It was not an easy task to revive the idea of ​​ Urdupoint.in and then maintain its high quality. The amount of time, effort and resources involved in the completion of this project was significant.


In fact, the Urdupoint.in the organization worked and maintained even though there was no major corporation or external support from the government. This fact did not hinder the functioning of the website, or its shining entity, thus proving that the minds of the young talented group of individuals were free to pursue commercial gain. Rather, his idea of ​​success was to gain moral satisfaction by serving his nation.


The response received by Urdupoint.in from the people of the world was extraordinarily and extraordinarily pleasant. The internet users of our country have enthusiastically welcomed this site, and the appreciation and acceptance that Urdupoint.in has received are not only satisfactory but also very encouraging. 

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